Clean Master

Clean master apk: smart cleaner. Booster, security apk for your android. Easy to use and free apk for all your androids.Clean master apk: free app that provides you the opportunity to keep your android running smoothly without making a nuisance for the users.

Main features

  • Cache and cookie cleaner
  • Boost
  • Antivirus
  • Power saver
  • CPU cooler
  • Notification cleaner
  • Call history eraser and Surf history eraser
  • Security

Cache and cookies cleaner

Cache files are some hidden files collected in the android by hardening you to access it. There should be a proper mechanism if need to delete these.  The clean master apk possess the mechanism to aid in this aim. One tap in the choice clean junk will make the apk to scan android deeply and find the unwanted files in the hidden inaccessible places and delete them permanently from your android if you give the permission for the apk.

Super Boost

The one tap in the choice boost will absolutely boost your android by freeing your RAM. It will give a experience of a new android device once it is boosted by this clean master apk.


When you are surfing through the net many malicious files may conquer your android by allowing the android to perform sluggishly. The clean master will definitely help you to overcome this issue also.

Power saver

There are so many apps running in the background. From them most are highly power consuming apps. If you allow those power eating apps to run in the background it will lead to shorter life span of the battery. But if you get clean master apk with no need to bother about that. Because the tap in the choice save battery will enable the android to shut down all the high power consuming apps by saving your battery life.

CPU Cooler

CPU with the optimum temperature surely aids in the smooth functioning of the device. If the temperature of the CPU is higher it will badly affect for the life of your battery and also the speed of the android also will get affected. The detection and the cooling down of the CPU by ensuring the long life span of the android.

Call and the surf history eraser

If you need an advanced privacy then this great tool provide opportunity for that also by allowing you to delete all the call and the surf history and no one can know about your network surf history. This feature is allowing you to protect your privacy.

Notification cleaner

For a day we are receiving so many notifications and clean master apk help you with deleting these notifications and also provide the opportunity to block some annoying notifications also.


Through this feature the apk guarantee the safe of your android and the private data by protecting it from some unknown harmful Wi-Fi networks.

Attractive features of clean master apk

Free nature
Easiness in using
Efficiency of performing

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