Crossy Road Fire TV Game

The Crossy Road App is a fun and addictive gaming app that has taken the gaming app market by storm. This unique mobile application was designed by Hipster Whale which is an independent game development company from Australia. Since its release in 2014, the game has been downloaded by millions of people from all over the globe. This popular game has received a high rating of 4.7 and goes through updates and maintenance on a regular basis to increase user experience and app performance. The app includes many special features that elevates it from other similar apps from the industry.

Gameplay of the app

The Crossy Road gameplay is quite simple yet very entertaining. A character that the player controls—typically being an animal or an object—tries to cross a crowded road without being struck by any moving cars or vehicles. The player must make their way through a randomly generated world that is full of hazards like rivers and trains from an isometric viewpoint to reach their final destination. There are numerous characters in the game that can be unlocked by accumulating coins or by making in-app payments and purchases which will unlock them. Each character has a distinct appearance and special skill set, which makes them enjoyable to play with and collect.

Main Features of the app

The Crossy Road gaming app has many interesting and unique features which further enhances user experience. The charming and vibrant visuals of Crossy Road are one important factor in its popularity. The game’s pixelated, retro-inspired visual design is appealing to both traditional as well as modern players. The upbeat and catchy soundtrack of the game adds to its general fun and lightheartedness which makes the game more entertaining for users.

The multiplayer option offered by Crossy Road is another such notable feature which lets players connect with other players and have an immersive experience. You can easily compete against your friends and family and win points and collect special prizes at the end of the game. Users can also connect the app and screen Crossy Road on an Android TV and enhance their gaming experience. The vast collection of characters offered by this fun application is another important feature of the game. There’s over 150 retro styled art characters that can be won, collected and saved. There are also in app purchases and payments included that unlock many advanced features, characters, items and many more. The application also provides the option of earning more points through selective screening of videos or certain advertisements which appear during your gaming journey.


The Crossy Road gaming app by Hipster Whale is a number one gaming application which can be freely accessed by anyone. The app can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store or Aptoide TV app store. After installing simply have to log in to play the game. Download Crossy Road today and enjoy the first-hand fun gaming experience right at the comfort of your phone.

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